CS4047 Assignment 2 – Gnarly Adventure

Company Presentation:

The company was founded in November 2010 by albert Quigley. It is based in the Nexus Innovation Centre in University of Limerick Campus. The company specilises in providing online services to small businesses in the outdoor and adventure tourism market. It also provides a website where people can search up outdoor and adventure activites in the vacinity they are visiting. Their website can be found at http://www.gnarlyadventure.com/.

Brief from employer and work done:

Upon meeting up with the founder Albert, he discussed how we were to be updating the website and that we would be developing a new front end for the website, so basically how the website looked and felt when customers were to be using it. He gave us prototype images of how he wanted it to look like. He provided us with images, graphics and backrounds he wanted us to put into the development. So using HTML5 and CSS we planned on what section we would do first and together we began developing the front end of the web site. So using the resources provided to us we implented them into the design and development of the website.We designed it to the specifics that were required, adding any necessary features.   Main-Menu-Dropdowns-&-FooterSearch-Results_Event-Calendarhome2Homepagehome

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CS4047-Assignment 4 [ETG]

As part of our assignment we had to come up with a business idea and the one we came up with was to have a business called [ETG]-Education Through Gaming. The purpose of this business is to offer learning though video games but without having the person playing thinking that they are just learning but also having fun while subconciously learning. We discussed the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of our potential business ideas. After agreeing what business idea we were doing we then met up several times to discuss how this business would work and what we could do with it. We each included our own ideas and then gave each other feedback on those ideas and then deciding which were the best to move forward with. We then named our business [ETG]-Education Through Gaming and developed our business Model Canvas. We decided as a group that the aim of our company would be to target people of all ages and have them learn different subjects such as Languages, History, Geography, etc.. though playing video games but not have them concentrate on that they are learning but enjoy the game itself. We then picked a subject each and came up with an example of how this subject could be turned into a “learning” game. I choose Geography and the aim of the game is that your are a member of the U.N and you represent a certain county and you learn about the country you represent and about other countries that your own interacts with and solving any issues that may occur between your country and others. You visit famous locations of these countries and learn about the landmarks that are loacted in these countries and what the culture and staus/information about each country you visit.


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Game Spaces

“What is a video game space? The question has to be answered to avoid introducing a nebulous concept to the core of this argument. The difficulties in describing and limiting the term do not come as a surprise. The spatial is connected to and debated in literally every possible arena of human thinking. We cannot reduce such a holistic principle to any single frame or assume a single concept of “the space.” If space is such an all-embracing and hard-to-restrain phenomenon, the task is not to reduce the term itself but to build useful frameworks to approach the topic. One has to define the frame for the specific argument at hand and clarify its context.” -Michael Nitsche
Game Space is something which appeals to both the Ludologist and Narratologists in gaming. For the Ludologist it might be be the way the game plays out and how they interact with the world they are encapsulated it such as how they interact with their surrounding and other NPCs, while for the Narrotologist it is the story behind the game and how the environment and other NPCs effect how the game plays out for them. Game space is something which affects how a person experiences a game. You could have small world with lots to do but not much that drives the game(e.g such as a story behind it) which leads to a poor experience or a large world with just the minimum to do but has a driving force behind it which entraps the player leading to a better experience. Game space experience can be physical to a player such as the world space in which the game is based, how the NPCs interact with this world space, items located in this world space and their use in the game and how the player themselves implement themselves on this world space.
It is the game space which intrigues the player and immerse that player into that game space world which they are interacting with. Without game space many games would lack that filling which makes a game, there would be no background to the world and in a way would make the game that less bit immersive and emotionless to the player.




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Gamification typically involves applying game design thinking to non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging. Gamification has been called one of the most important trends in technology by several industry experts. Gamification can potentially be applied to any industry and almost anything to create fun and engaging experiences, converting users into players.

An example of this in the real world would be say if you had an app which tracked your every moment of every day and say when you got up in the morning you would gain points for brushing you teeth, putting on your clothes, eating your breakfast and completing other daily tasks and once you ha ranked up enough points you would then be rewarded with something. This has been happening for years even if we didnt notice, it is only lately that people have been giving it a name. It has been in the work place for years in the form of bonuses such as if you got a project done before a certain time you would get a cash bonus or a paid for activity with your group. It is even evident on social network sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn as if you dont have your profile 100% complete it will tell you that by having it fullly complete you are more lilkly to attract attention to your profile thus helping you improving your image.

For me I think Gamification is a useful application that can be applied to many things. It is something which I think improves producitivity and motivation. It gives the person an ulterior and more rewarding goal in their eyes to get something done.





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Art in Video Games

What is ArtArt is a diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities; this article focuses primarily on the visual arts, which includes the creation of images or objects in fields including painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and other visual media. [Wikipedia]

So what is art in video games, are video games themselves art such as the images diplayed in them and the story of a game.

The concept of video games as a form of art has been a controversial topic within the entertainment industry. Though video games have been afforded legal protection as creative works by the Supreme Court of the United States, the philosophical concept that video games are works of art remains in question, even when considering the contribution of creative elements such as graphics,storytelling and music. Even art games, games purposely designed to be a work of creative expression, have been challenged as works of art by some critics.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_games_as_an_art_form

For me personnaly I think of most video games as a piece of art, sure is the game as a whole not just small pieces of art put into one, from the story that drives the game to the visual art of the chartacter and the surroundings. The world which encompasses the game is an art on its own, it is the idea and expression of many people who think this is what a certain world should look and this idea is unique as it is something that has not been achieved before and gives the user a sense of awe when first introduced to this world. Even the story behind a game is an art form, it is unique in its own way and if it can capture the mind and imagination of a user then for me it has performed its role as a piece of art. If the story behind the game can give that person an emotional reaction then is it not the same as when a person looks at a painting and also feels emotion from it, these items are provoking an emotion from the viewer, they might be different emotions and achieved in different ways but still it affects the viewer.




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CS4047-Assignment 3: Personal Productivity and Collaboration tools

Doing the course Multimedia and Computer Game Development is a course that is nearly impossible to complete without coming across personal productivity and collaboration tools. As these help you very much when undergoing assignments, any personal projects of your own or finding out any information you wish about the subjects you are studying.

Google Drive is a tool that I use for college when undertaking personal or group assignments. Google Drive is a service provided by Google which offers the user a file storage and synchronization service. It offers the user a cloud based service where they can create, edit and work on documents such as presentations, spreedsheets and word documents. It basically like Microsoft office but is alot more flexible as you can access your files from anywhere if you have an internet connection. For me it is very useful as if I have spare time and have work that is due I can just use a laptop/pc that is not mine and continue to work away. So I am not just restricted to working on my own laptop and not have to carry it everywhere. I also find it very useful if I am undertaking a group assignment as you can add multiple people to a document you have created and those then added can all simultanously work on the same document at the same time. For me I think it is very useful as you can see in real time what is being done to the document and not waiting to see what another person is doing so you can continue with your part and eachperson can then comment on what can be done to improve the assignment. For me a cloud based office like this is alot more resourceful and easier to use in terms of work as it offers the user alot more freedom to do what they want and when they want to do it.

Instant Messaging is another tool I use for collaboration. Instant Messaging(IM) is a type of online chat which offers the user a real time text transmission over the Internet via an IM service. Instant Messaging tools that I would be using are Facebooks IM, Skypes IM or Google Drives IM. I would use these tools if I am undertaking a personal project and need to get help or information from a friend fast, instead of another form of contact such as phone or emailing where I would have to wait a period for the person to respond and also not knowing if they are going to respond cause they might’nt even be online. With instant messaging at least you know if that person is available as yu are told in your list of friends. It is also very useful when doing an asignment as a group as with IM you can create a group chat where everybody in the group can chat simulatiounsly in real time which helps to get ideas out there and tasks done quickly and to the spec they need to be done. I changes or new ideas need to be added to an assignment then all the group can be contacted immediatly and together and are instantsly notified of any updates. It is also useful if one member is having troubles then the rest of the group can help that person cooperativily. For me IM is a great tool as I believe it is fast and effictive and getting information across to others on a real time basis.

Dropbox is another tool that I use for college. Dropbox is a file hosting service which offers the user cloud storage and file sharing. I find it very useful when working in a group and everyboy is in different locations and you have files that another person needs. So instead of using a USB and having to meet up with them, you can uploa the files to dropbox and store them on their cloud storage and then share that file with the other person allowing them to gain access to the work you have uploaded. For me this is very useful as all it requires is a few clicks instead of going to the trouble of putting it onto something physical and using up time which could be one completing the project.

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Video Games and Addiction

Video game addiction is an excessive or compulsive use of computer games or video games, which interferes with a person’s everyday life. Video game addiction may present as compulsive game-playing; social isolation; mood swings; diminished imagination; and hyper-focus on in-game achievements, to the exclusion of other life events.(Source Wikipedia)

Video game addiction is something that is becoming very common in todays world,  it is growing quiet vastly and is a problem that is slowly having support to help those with the addiction. Some might say that there is nothing such as video game addiction but personally I tend to disagree. For me it is an addiction if it interferes with your day to day living or affects your mental or physical being. You have people dieing of thirst or from hunger from playing video games and those whose social lives are ruined as they now never interact with those they used to know. It has broken up familes with one partner so glued to the game that they forget to tend or interact with their family leading to a break down in relationships. If these sort of things happen then it is surly altering how the people live their lifes and the effect it is having upon them are leading to negative actions then this must be a form of addiction.

But what causes the addiction, is it the story of a game, the gameplay itself or is their another factor. Could it be the person who is playing the game finds that by playing it makes life easier for him/herself and they are getting away from any troubles they may be having and this is an easy way out for them. Or is it something chemical happening in their brain, it is something similiar like when we enjoy having a piece of chocolate, the chemical dopamine gives our brian a stimulis, coul it be that when the person is playing a certain game that they get this chemical reaction and then they have a need for more an more of it and eventually this craving is constantly there.

Unfortunatly their is not much research gone into video game addicition at the moment and it is something that I think should be taken serious and looked into quiet extenstivily.




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MMIP-CS4047 Portfolio-National Web-based Sports System

Web-based National Sports System

As part of my Final Year Project in fourth year I have to make a Web-based National Sports System. This project will develop a suite of related websites for the various clubs at inter-county and club level within the GAA (e.g. Hurling, Gaelic Football, Camogie, Ladies Football etc…) The websites will have a similar look and feel to them but can be individualised e.g. crest and information will be different at each level. Information layered at one level will be copied to other level if relevant an example would be if a player is listed on their county site, that entry would then also appear on the club site in which they play for. Any out of date information will be held in historical records.

As part of my project I will be using the following languages and tools:

  • HTML
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • JavaScript
  • My SQL
  • PHP, C#, PERL, Java

I will be using these as they are the most common and best way for developing a website for it front-end and back-end.

The tools that I will be using are Git Hub or Microsoft Studio. I will be using these as they are tools that I am familiar with and what I think are the best to be developing a website with.

So far I have been looking up what tools and languages I should use to do the project.

I have been looking at other similar systems/websites to mine that could help me on what to do and how it should be implemented.

I have been looking into the scale of it and how big it must be and what I should and shouldn’t include.


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MMIP-4047 Portfolio-The Dark

The Dark

The Dark is one of the first games that I made. It was a project as part of the module CS4043-Games Modelling Design in second year. It is a text based game based on the classic game Zork and is primarily programmed in C++. The project was undertaken as part of a team of three and that group of three included my classmates Dualtagh Murray and Stephen O’Sullivan. The game itself is a horror/adventure game in which the player is based in a haunted house which they explore and find some clues about past events. To interact with the game the player issues console commands with additional commands added/taken away depending on which one you were in. My main role in this project was to implement a mapping system of the game, so basically using ASCII code I done an overall map of the game and then individually I did a map for each room displaying any objects that were in the room. This involved using the extensive use of the ASCII language and writing it in such a way that it gives the impression of a room and objects within this room.

I enjoyed working on the project as it was something different from you typical games and gave me another insight into what can be done with games. By doing the project it expanded my knowledge of C++ programming and ASCII coding. The project thought me a lot about teamwork as in a team a project can be more enjoyable for a person so making the finished product even better. It thought me that by working in a team people can learn from each other and offer their own experiences which help other members of the team.ImageImage

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MMIP-4047 Portfolio-Halo2d


As part of our module CS4043- Games Modeling Design in second year I had to make a 2d game using the tool GameMaker . So from scratch I had to design and implement the levels, making my own art for the levels and designing how the level would be set up and played. I had to design the character that was involved in the game and design the animations of how he would run and shoot. This was done by using sprites and having images that would perform in a loop until that animation was done. I had to design the enemy and how he would react to the character such as attacking him if he got within a certain distance and making sure the enemy kept away from any solid objects so as it would not get stuck in them. I had to make sure that when a weapon was shot that when it made contact with the player that it would give damage to the player and vice versa if the player shot at the enemy. The aim of the game was to kill all enemies, stay alive and progress through the levels while picking up any resources that you needed such as heath and ammo. The making of this game required me to edit scripts and write some of my own and to be changing variables within the gameplay to help improve the game.

I enjoyed working on it as it was my first real game that I had developed and was something that gave me great satisfaction when it was complete. It is an important achievement of mine as it was the first game I had made and it was something that was my own idea, my own work and anything that was done on it was all my own. It gave me an insight into what it takes to make a game and how design is implemented and all the backround stuff that be going on that I never knew before.


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