MMIP-4047 Portfolio-The Dark

The Dark

The Dark is one of the first games that I made. It was a project as part of the module CS4043-Games Modelling Design in second year. It is a text based game based on the classic game Zork and is primarily programmed in C++. The project was undertaken as part of a team of three and that group of three included my classmates Dualtagh Murray and Stephen O’Sullivan. The game itself is a horror/adventure game in which the player is based in a haunted house which they explore and find some clues about past events. To interact with the game the player issues console commands with additional commands added/taken away depending on which one you were in. My main role in this project was to implement a mapping system of the game, so basically using ASCII code I done an overall map of the game and then individually I did a map for each room displaying any objects that were in the room. This involved using the extensive use of the ASCII language and writing it in such a way that it gives the impression of a room and objects within this room.

I enjoyed working on the project as it was something different from you typical games and gave me another insight into what can be done with games. By doing the project it expanded my knowledge of C++ programming and ASCII coding. The project thought me a lot about teamwork as in a team a project can be more enjoyable for a person so making the finished product even better. It thought me that by working in a team people can learn from each other and offer their own experiences which help other members of the team.ImageImage

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