MMIP-4047 Portfolio-Halo2d


As part of our module CS4043- Games Modeling Design in second year I had to make a 2d game using the tool GameMaker . So from scratch I had to design and implement the levels, making my own art for the levels and designing how the level would be set up and played. I had to design the character that was involved in the game and design the animations of how he would run and shoot. This was done by using sprites and having images that would perform in a loop until that animation was done. I had to design the enemy and how he would react to the character such as attacking him if he got within a certain distance and making sure the enemy kept away from any solid objects so as it would not get stuck in them. I had to make sure that when a weapon was shot that when it made contact with the player that it would give damage to the player and vice versa if the player shot at the enemy. The aim of the game was to kill all enemies, stay alive and progress through the levels while picking up any resources that you needed such as heath and ammo. The making of this game required me to edit scripts and write some of my own and to be changing variables within the gameplay to help improve the game.

I enjoyed working on it as it was my first real game that I had developed and was something that gave me great satisfaction when it was complete. It is an important achievement of mine as it was the first game I had made and it was something that was my own idea, my own work and anything that was done on it was all my own. It gave me an insight into what it takes to make a game and how design is implemented and all the backround stuff that be going on that I never knew before.


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