CS4047-Assignment 3: Personal Productivity and Collaboration tools

Doing the course Multimedia and Computer Game Development is a course that is nearly impossible to complete without coming across personal productivity and collaboration tools. As these help you very much when undergoing assignments, any personal projects of your own or finding out any information you wish about the subjects you are studying.

Google Drive is a tool that I use for college when undertaking personal or group assignments. Google Drive is a service provided by Google which offers the user a file storage and synchronization service. It offers the user a cloud based service where they can create, edit and work on documents such as presentations, spreedsheets and word documents. It basically like Microsoft office but is alot more flexible as you can access your files from anywhere if you have an internet connection. For me it is very useful as if I have spare time and have work that is due I can just use a laptop/pc that is not mine and continue to work away. So I am not just restricted to working on my own laptop and not have to carry it everywhere. I also find it very useful if I am undertaking a group assignment as you can add multiple people to a document you have created and those then added can all simultanously work on the same document at the same time. For me I think it is very useful as you can see in real time what is being done to the document and not waiting to see what another person is doing so you can continue with your part and eachperson can then comment on what can be done to improve the assignment. For me a cloud based office like this is alot more resourceful and easier to use in terms of work as it offers the user alot more freedom to do what they want and when they want to do it.

Instant Messaging is another tool I use for collaboration. Instant Messaging(IM) is a type of online chat which offers the user a real time text transmission over the Internet via an IM service. Instant Messaging tools that I would be using are Facebooks IM, Skypes IM or Google Drives IM. I would use these tools if I am undertaking a personal project and need to get help or information from a friend fast, instead of another form of contact such as phone or emailing where I would have to wait a period for the person to respond and also not knowing if they are going to respond cause they might’nt even be online. With instant messaging at least you know if that person is available as yu are told in your list of friends. It is also very useful when doing an asignment as a group as with IM you can create a group chat where everybody in the group can chat simulatiounsly in real time which helps to get ideas out there and tasks done quickly and to the spec they need to be done. I changes or new ideas need to be added to an assignment then all the group can be contacted immediatly and together and are instantsly notified of any updates. It is also useful if one member is having troubles then the rest of the group can help that person cooperativily. For me IM is a great tool as I believe it is fast and effictive and getting information across to others on a real time basis.

Dropbox is another tool that I use for college. Dropbox is a file hosting service which offers the user cloud storage and file sharing. I find it very useful when working in a group and everyboy is in different locations and you have files that another person needs. So instead of using a USB and having to meet up with them, you can uploa the files to dropbox and store them on their cloud storage and then share that file with the other person allowing them to gain access to the work you have uploaded. For me this is very useful as all it requires is a few clicks instead of going to the trouble of putting it onto something physical and using up time which could be one completing the project.

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