Game Spaces

“What is a video game space? The question has to be answered to avoid introducing a nebulous concept to the core of this argument. The difficulties in describing and limiting the term do not come as a surprise. The spatial is connected to and debated in literally every possible arena of human thinking. We cannot reduce such a holistic principle to any single frame or assume a single concept of “the space.” If space is such an all-embracing and hard-to-restrain phenomenon, the task is not to reduce the term itself but to build useful frameworks to approach the topic. One has to define the frame for the specific argument at hand and clarify its context.” -Michael Nitsche
Game Space is something which appeals to both the Ludologist and Narratologists in gaming. For the Ludologist it might be be the way the game plays out and how they interact with the world they are encapsulated it such as how they interact with their surrounding and other NPCs, while for the Narrotologist it is the story behind the game and how the environment and other NPCs effect how the game plays out for them. Game space is something which affects how a person experiences a game. You could have small world with lots to do but not much that drives the game(e.g such as a story behind it) which leads to a poor experience or a large world with just the minimum to do but has a driving force behind it which entraps the player leading to a better experience. Game space experience can be physical to a player such as the world space in which the game is based, how the NPCs interact with this world space, items located in this world space and their use in the game and how the player themselves implement themselves on this world space.
It is the game space which intrigues the player and immerse that player into that game space world which they are interacting with. Without game space many games would lack that filling which makes a game, there would be no background to the world and in a way would make the game that less bit immersive and emotionless to the player.

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