CS4047-Assignment 4 [ETG]

As part of our assignment we had to come up with a business idea and the one we came up with was to have a business called [ETG]-Education Through Gaming. The purpose of this business is to offer learning though video games but without having the person playing thinking that they are just learning but also having fun while subconciously learning. We discussed the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of our potential business ideas. After agreeing what business idea we were doing we then met up several times to discuss how this business would work and what we could do with it. We each included our own ideas and then gave each other feedback on those ideas and then deciding which were the best to move forward with. We then named our business [ETG]-Education Through Gaming and developed our business Model Canvas. We decided as a group that the aim of our company would be to target people of all ages and have them learn different subjects such as Languages, History, Geography, etc.. though playing video games but not have them concentrate on that they are learning but enjoy the game itself. We then picked a subject each and came up with an example of how this subject could be turned into a “learning” game. I choose Geography and the aim of the game is that your are a member of the U.N and you represent a certain county and you learn about the country you represent and about other countries that your own interacts with and solving any issues that may occur between your country and others. You visit famous locations of these countries and learn about the landmarks that are loacted in these countries and what the culture and staus/information about each country you visit.


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