CS4047 Assignment 2 – Gnarly Adventure

Company Presentation:

The company was founded in November 2010 by albert Quigley. It is based in the Nexus Innovation Centre in University of Limerick Campus. The company specilises in providing online services to small businesses in the outdoor and adventure tourism market. It also provides a website where people can search up outdoor and adventure activites in the vacinity they are visiting. Their website can be found at http://www.gnarlyadventure.com/.

Brief from employer and work done:

Upon meeting up with the founder Albert, he discussed how we were to be updating the website and that we would be developing a new front end for the website, so basically how the website looked and felt when customers were to be using it. He gave us prototype images of how he wanted it to look like. He provided us with images, graphics and backrounds he wanted us to put into the development. So using HTML5 and CSS we planned on what section we would do first and together we began developing the front end of the web site. So using the resources provided to us we implented them into the design and development of the website.We designed it to the specifics that were required, adding any necessary features.   Main-Menu-Dropdowns-&-FooterSearch-Results_Event-Calendarhome2Homepagehome

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